October 6, 2015
Moe's Cantina, 155 W. Kinzie, Chicago, IL 60654

Please join us for our 3rd annual fundraising event at Moe’s Cantina, October 6, 2015.  This year we are honored to be raising funds for Be Alright…  Dr.Sonia Oyola founded Be Alright in 2009 with the purpose of converting Chicago domestic violence shelters into havens of healing.

Now a non profit 501-C3, the Be Alright community currently works with six sister organizations on identifying specific needs for each shelter. Since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we urge you to support Making Magic and Be Alright.Your support sends a message that we can create a world where domestic violence is no longer normative and tolerated.

Making Magic's 2nd Annual Fundraising Event

October 1, 2014


Moe's Cantina, 155 W. Kinzie, Chicago, IL 60654



Funds for Colleen

March 26, 2013


Making Magic joined Leopardo Construction for a fantastic night of friends and fundraising to help raise college funds for a little girl who lost her father to cancer in 2012.  An amazing night of food, music and a lot of laughs.


International Women's Day

March 8, 2013


Making Magic joined Miriam Apartments on Chicago's near north side as they celebrated International Women's Day.  We were excited to share some of what we've learned with these wonderful women. This was a truly inspired day and we all learned so much from all of the wonderful women who participated.  Looking forward to lending a hand next year as well.




"Never doubt that that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Meade


Making Magic's goal is to act as a catalyst connecting the less fortunate in our community with those organizations and individuals who can help them reach their goals.

To accomplish this we conduct various fund raisers throughout the year donating a portion of the proceeds to established, like minded organizations that posses the tools to shelter, empower, teach or feed those in need throughout the Chicago community.


We are not here to re-invent the wheel, simply to make sure the wheel of giving continues spinning and these wonderful organizations are able to continue on their individual missions.  Simply put, our mission is, connecting those in need with those of means.




Making Magic is...

Company Profile

"I have always wanted to help those needing a little guidance to get back on track...mentor and empower those looking for a helping hand, reminding them how strong they really are....."

~Michele Rust - Founder Making Magic

Making Magic...


Founded: 2012


Areas of expertise: 
Working as a catalyst to provide much needed funds to established organizations working to better and empower the lives of impoverished, men, women and children.