"Dear Michele and Making Magic team:We are so grateful to Making Magic. Hibbard School has purchased 1,115 books with your generous donation. Every child at Hibbard School has benefited. Books are the ticket to a bright future and Making Magic has made a difference!!!                                                                    
Scott - Principal The Hibbard School


Those in Need

Hibbard Elementary

The diversity of our population will be embraced through a culturally responsive school environment and "Best Practice" instruction. By meeting the individual needs of students, we will foster the development of independent, critical thinking, lifelong learners.

Thank You

Our Misson

The Lives We Impact

We’re fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads, a meal everyday, and our kids have the basic tools to function at school.  Let's make sure everyone has these basic needs and the organizations who are there to support and make this happen have the funds to continue to make a difference.

We conduct fundraising events raising much needed funds for established organizations who provide food, shelter and guidance to the less fortunate in the Chicago Community,  to ensure their longevity. Connecting those in need to those with means.

It’s important to us to be clear that what we do is only made possible by your generosity and belief in giving back.

For that we are forever grateful and look forward to working with all the wonderful volunteers in front of and behind the scenes who enable us to reach out to so many in need.

From the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!

"Making Magic enthusiastically rolled up their sleeves to help us plan an exciting and successful International Women’s Day event at the Miriam Apartments in March.  They helped in a variety of ways, from collecting magazines so women could make Vision Boards, providing beautiful journals as gifts for participants and engaging an experienced dance instructor who led us through a fun and energizing dance party to celebrate the end of the day.  Michele Rust was also featured on our panel of women who “break barriers,” sharing her inspiring personal story of overcoming obstacles.  Making Magic brought wonderful energy and excitement to the day!"


Christine Makarewicz

Miriam Apartments

Live in Hope

Affordable, program-enriched housing communities for families, seniors and people with special needs.